Another way you can help The Soup Kitchen feed the hungry is by organizing a fundraiser.

The event can be traditional–or as creative–as as you like!

Here are examples of a couple unique fundraisers put on by community members in the past.

Our neighbors, Violette and Paul Shillam, hosted a neighborhood Soup-a-Rama during the summer of 2023 to raise money for the Soup Kitchen.

Violette has over 100 delicious soup recipes so she simply selected one and made a huge pot, baked some bread and invited her neighbors over to share a meal and donate whatever amount they wished with 100% of the proceeds going to the Soup Kitchen.

The Soup-a-Rama raised $1600.00! Violette plans to host another one in the future.

Sam Parra of Parra Wines donated the libations and under the instruction of Chef Charles Vollmar from Epicurean Exchange, students created a delicious four-course meal.

Those in attendance had a great time–and met ​their fundraising goal!